Muge Tang: Go Home

From (“Go Home“)
© Muge Tang, 2006-2009

Go Home (2006-2009):

“These photographs were taken in Chongqing, the biggest city along the Yantzi river in the Three Gorges area in China, where my home town is.

I started this project from 2005 without any ambitious plan to document the great transition of the Three Gorges area and the inevitable disappearance of the historical sites along the Yantzi river. Instead of making visual comments of the larger social issues through camera, I think what I did is nothing more than merely taking photographs of the local people’s daily routines and their ordinary life scenes. I respect and express my esteem of the life, the life full of interesting things and boring things, the life of individuals and the public, who were standing, sitting, hugging or isolating from each other in these photographs.

What part of the Three Gorges area has been actually changed is difficult to describe explicitly, so does the parrellel ambiguity in my photographs. I only wish that my memory of this special area in China could last longer, even forever. In my negative slides, there exists the warmth of the life, which belongs to the people who were born and raised in this piece of land.”

See also Muge Tang’s other project Silence.

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