2011 June

Opening Night of PLACES © Utie Lw

Opening Night of PLACES

The opening night of Black Man Ray’s third exhibition by Dani Subagja. There were a lot of friendly conversation and laughter amidst the smoke. I can hardly followed every conversation. Everybody looks happy and I hope they enjoy the night; it’s one of the reason I run this place in the first place.

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Force & Fragility: A story of young Cuban boxers by Carl Valiquet

A photo-essay by Carl Valiquet. In the month of October 2002, I was walking in Jeanne-Mance Park in my hometown Montreal, Canada. In the middle of the park, was a football field. It was early evening and powerful mercury vapor lights lit up the meadow making it look like a green lake surrounded in darkness. […]

PLACES: A Photography Exhibition by Dani Subagja | Jun 28 - Jul 31, 2011

Dani Subagja: Places

A solo photography exhibition by Dani Subagja. June 28 – July 31, 2011. Black Man Ray gallery @ Kedai Bahagia, Bandung

Dani Subagja - HK Copy (2)

Places: Dani Subagja’s Street Journey

This will be a short description about my street journey; from the streets I’m familiar with to the unfamiliar ones, from cities to villages. I like exploring places and documenting them. I take my camera with me wherever I go, not necessarily aim to make a photograph, it just always inside my bag. As street […]

Hope Is Never Lost by Dicky Jiang

Hope Is Never Lost by Dicky Jiang

A photo-essay by Dicky Jiang: “I’m thankful for this unique and precious experience — to share hope to those imprisoned. Now, it’s time for them to turn away from their past sins and guilts, knowing that hope is never lost.”