An Interview with Teresa Shih

Browsing through Teresa’s photographs is like taking a glimpse into her colourful life, just like the name she used in Flickr — Colourful Life Teresa. When I added her as my contact almost two years ago, I immediately fell in love with how she document her daily life, especially with her two daughters and her cat, and turn it into beautiful photographs. I asked her a few question regarding her photography and her role as a mother.

© Teresa Shih

Hello Teresa, can you tell me about yourself?

I am a full-time mother. My kids are 9 & 7 years old.

When was your first encounter with photography?

I started to shoot film in 2008 after 2 years shooting dSLR Nikon D80. Bought my 1st Olympus XA and Canonet QL17II in 2008 for my birthday, then started medium format 1 year later.

© Teresa Shih

You still use film. Do you develop your own negatives?

I only can develop b/w, can not print in the dark room yet, no C41 either. I didn’t take class, only asked people and research on the internet about how to develop b/w and just practice. I have done 78 rolls b/w so far since October last year.

How do you divide your time between family & photography?

I usually do the shooting after taking the kids to school. I will take my camera to walk around in different area of city — sometimes drive to somewhere — usually half day shooting. After kids go to school, I have time of my own to shoot or checking at the pics on Flickr. So my picture time didn’t really bother my family life.

© Teresa Shih

Do you have a personal style in taking pictures? Do you have other favourite subjects to photograph beside your kids?

The style of me is very casual and snappy. I don’t know if I have certain style, basically I shoot everything and anything interested to me. Kids are bigger now, not easy to capture the innocent side of them. I am glad I do found other subjects are interested to me other than kids and family.

Can you show me one of you most favourite picture you have taken and the story behind it?

© Teresa Shih

This is one of my favorite pic. The kids want to share the pizza with cat even my cat don’t eat pizza unless there is seafood I think. I smile all the time of this picture.

Who is your inspiration in life & in photography?

My family life is my inspiration. I actually took many pictures of my family even if I didn’t upload them to my Flickr. I like all kind of styles with film. Going through tons of the pictures on Flickr and Tumblr is also my inspiration of photography.

© Teresa Shih

What is the meaning of photography for you, especially as a mother?

Photo shooting makes me relax and also keeps me busy. Some neighbours wonder what I am doing after kids in the school all day. As you know I need to walk around, to shoot, to develop, and to scan, then post on Flickr. Very time consuming. And I enjoy very much the world of photography. I never feel bored and I enjoy being alone, so I can be concentrated on what I am doing. So I also consider myself a full time photographer mom.

© Teresa Shih

For more beautiful photos from Ms. Teresa Shih you can follow her on Flickr or Tumblr.

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