Hin Chua — After The Fall

All photos & text from ( “After The Fall” )
© Hin Chua

Ever since I was a young boy, I displayed a keen enthusiasm for military history and strategic theory. However, as time passed this interest became increasingly disconnected and marginalised, completely at odds with the preoccupations and activities consuming the rest of my life. As a result, it took a while for me to realise that much of ‘After the Fall’ is about battlefields: just not the traditional war zones, rich with the screams of men and the smell of death, which have been recorded almost pathologically on screen and print.

Instead, it directs its gaze to the ongoing environmental struggle taking place beyond the boundaries of our cities, where the urban zoning system begins to blur and unravel. I identify potential locations throughout the world using Google Maps and have become increasingly experienced at ‘reading’ the terrain from a bird’s (or more accurately, a satellite’s) perspective.

For me, these photographs explore the effects of the conflicts and collisions that are gradually and chaotically reshaping the spaces around us, played out in slow motion with unpredictable, often disturbing results. This silent hand-over, the transformation of one environment into another, may speak to something deeper within our collective memories: the alteration of places we once knew, an inexorable reminder of the inevitability of change… a farewell to personal Edens.

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