Opening Night — After The Fall by Hin Chua

Another Tuesday, another opening night of our latest exhibition — After The Fall by Hin Chua. After 4 previous exhibition of B/W prints, this time we think… at last, we have colours on our walls and it’s beautiful.

I think we need more variety for the next exhibitions. And, perhaps, with bigger prints.

Earlier on the night, I caught an interesting moment when an elderly woman, in the middle of a conversation, suddenly turned quiet and started staring at Hin’s prints and asked “Is that graphic art?” to which I replied “No, they’re all photographs”. She nodded as if she was enlightened by my answer and started realizing something unbeknown to me. Then she said approvingly “They’re beautiful, really beautiful.”

It made me realize that a good photograph is a good photograph even if it’s seen by non-photographers. That comment alone made the rest of the night much more interesting. I’m glad that I decided to exhibit Hin’s works.

Hin, you rock!

Thank you everyone for coming! Dicky, Henrycus, Gyaista, Asih, Aditya, Ncis, Grace, Handi & family, Anugerah & Rani, and everyone else not mentioned.

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