Samantha Tio — Table for One

Table for One” © Samantha Tio, 2009-2010

From what I read, Samantha Tio began this series as a therapy for her heartbreak.

That evening, a dinner that was meant to be for two ended up a lonesome meal for one. I began to consider how sublime this experience of dining alone could be for someone who has always been used to company.

And then she began a year long journey to sought out other lonely diners and actually talked to each one of them, which was courageous but perhaps it’s the part that makes this series much more interesting. The result is a series of moody images that not only captures the inner-self of the lonely subjects but also the photographer.

Just as much as space in the city informs social situations and urban planning charts out the dynamics of a city’s culture, “Table for One” uncovers moments of convergence where individuals negotiate their own private world in these public spaces and moments of chance that brings two people together. In this process, I’m uncover the relationships between loneliness, food, fate and the city.

I know that I’m a year late to post this interesting series but I just came across this website again today and I think it’s worth posting again.

via Asian Photography Blog.

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