Duncan Wong — Indonesia

All photographs © Duncan Wong.

Looking through these photographs of Indonesia is like a journey through time. While it may not be apparent in every scene, you can sense it when seeing the bird-eye view of Bundaran HI (Jakarta), the clothes of the people, and the hanging movie banner which showed Kickboxer 3 (released in 1992) and Cliffhanger (released in 1993).

These photographs were taken by Hong Kong photographer Duncan Wong during his business trip to Indonesia around 1992-1993. While he stayed mostly in Jakarta, he also visited Bandung on weekend, and traveled to Yogyakarta for a few days.

Perhaps, the age of these photographs alone had caught my attention.

Duncan had been publishing his photographs and sharing reviews of vintage cameras and photography books since 1999 through his website, eyescoffee.com, specialized in black & white photography.

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