7 Days (& Nights) in Bandung with Zhuang Wubin

Photographs by Sari Asih & Yulia Yuwono. Text by Yulia Yuwono.

Finally, it’s a wrap! Our photography workshop with Zhuang Wubin has ended on December 18 and it was a week full of fun, excitement, and inspiration.

First of all, We would like to thank Zhuang Wubin for coming to Bandung, sharing his knowledge and mentoring the young & emerging photographers. Also the people behind the scene — Henrycus Napitsunargo (Black Man Ray), Sari Asih and Gyaista (Distorted Darkroom) who organized this workshop, Ucok (Soemardja Gallery), Herra (program officer, Platform3), Kevin WY Lee (Invisible Photographer Asia), and all participants. Thank you all for your support & participation!

A quick summary of this workshop: 10 participants working hard for their projects on a 7-days workshop. Zhuang Wubin, as the mentor, was there every single day to help and to give advice while they developed their works into a solid project.

The 10 participants are: Aditya Pratama, Arief Setiawan, Doly Harahap, Guna Dwi, Iqbal Muhammad, Lim Hui Xian, Okky Ardya, Philipp Aldrup, Tandia B. Permadi, and Vembri Waluyas.

I went to see the process on Day 3 and I got to say that it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. It’s full of hard work, determination, and passion to join a workshop like this.

After a hectic week, the workshop came to the end on December 18. Nearly 50 people gathered in Platform3 on the closing day to see and appreciate the participants’ final works.

Henrycus Napitsunargo from Black Man Ray was the moderator for this final day. Ucok, from Soemardja Gallery, started with a short speech and introduced the people behind the whole event. Heru, from Platform3 was also joined us.

We were honored to have Kevin Wy Lee from Invisible Photographer Asia as a guest speaker, coming all the way from Singapore to shared his ideas and knowledge about photography in general and young Asian photographers in particular.

We also had Andri Tambunan, who showed us his photos from a project he’s been doing about HIV in Papua, and shared his behind-the-scene stories and obstacles he had to deal with during his stay in the area.

Despite a short problem with the electricity, the event went very well. In fact, I think it was kind of like an “ice breaker” among all of us, making the evening less formal and more enjoyable. Thankfully we got the power back on about an hour later.

After the praying call for our Moslem friends, the event continued with public presentations by the workshop participants. One by one they came forward, presented their work in a slide show, and told the audience a bit about the story behind their particular projects.

Some good debates took place. Critics, suggestions, compliments and applause were given. In the end, everybody in the room agreed that the process of completing a project is more important that the final result itself.

We ended the evening around 9.30 PM. It was the climax of a week-long of hard work. Everybody was happy.

Congratulations to all the participants. I’m sure it was a tiring but also a very fun & inspiring week for all of you!

Keep pursuing your passion and we hope to see more of your awesome works in the future.