Henrycus Napit Sunargo: Conscious – Unconscious & Nobody’s Home (2006 – 2009)


Conscious-Unconscious © 2006 - 2007 Henrycus Napit Sunargo


Conscious-Unconscious © 2008 - 2009 Henrycus Napit Sunargo


Conscious-Unconscious © 2010 - 2011 Henrycus Napit Sunargo


Nobody's Home © Henrycus Napit Sunargo


Nobody's Home © Henrycus Napit Sunargo


Nobody's Home © Henrycus Napit Sunargo


Nobody's Home © Henrycus Napit Sunargo

Foreword by Dicky Jiang

Henrycus Napit Sunargo is a good friend and a passionate man. You can ask his friends and they will agree, especially when it comes to photography.

He is one of the few photographers in Bandung who still do (photography) things the old way. Still using cameras older than his age. Still developing his own negatives. And still do all the printing in the darkroom – also functions as his living room where he puts all his photography books amongst the music collection, the drum set, and guitars – at his home.

He is one of the people who’s responsible for opening the minds of the many young photographers in Bandung through his activities – exhibitions, mentoring in various workshops.

But, for me, his strongest trait is his willingness to share his thoughts and knowledge (in photography and else) to other. And not only limited to a photographic events. Ask him – anytime, anywhere – and he’ll start talking (for hours, if you have the time). And when you do have the time, provided with a cup of coffee, you definitely should immerse into the world of Henrycus and enjoy the passing time.

Conscious – Unconscious & Nobody’s Home (2006 – 2009)

Conscious – Unconscious & Nobody’s Home are two different projects, yet interconnected to each other. Both tackle similar issue which is about the fast & sometimes out-of-control urban development in my city (Bandung).

While many visual concepts try to freeze moments to capture its essence, I’m trying to capture in-between moments – some time in the middle of “before” and “after”. In doing so, I’m trying to invoke more questions regarding whatever happen in the previous and following event, before & after I capture the moment.

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