Opening Night — After The Fall by Hin Chua

Opening Night — After The Fall by Hin Chua

Another Tuesday, another opening night of our latest exhibition — After The Fall by Hin Chua. After 4 previous exhibition of B/W prints, this time we think… at last, we have colours on our walls and it’s beautiful. I think we need more variety for the next exhibitions. And, perhaps, with bigger prints. Earlier on […]

Black Man Ray T-Shirt — Yamasaki Ko-ji & Henrycus

Black Man Ray T-shirt — Yamasaki Ko-ji & Henrycus

If you looked closely at the photos from our last event, you probably have noticed the appearance of Black Man Ray T-shirts. Yes, we are making some exclusive T-shirts — currently for limited distribution only for friends and participants of our events. But this T-shirt is even more limited — not even the co-founder of […]

Black Man Ray featured on eRenlai Magazine

Black Man Ray featured on eRenlai

During the preparation of our fourth exhibition, Hubert Kilian introduced us to eRenlai Magazine — an Asia-Pacific magazine on cultural, social, and spiritual concerns. Later they asked us to run an article about us. After we answer some of their questions, on August our article is up, titled Coffee and Photographs. Thank you very much, […]

Black Man Ray featured on Salamatahari

Black Man Ray featured on Salamatahari

Few months ago, Dea from Salamatahari — a weekly online magazine run single-handedly by her — accompanied by Henrycus came and visited us on the gallery. There we talked and talked and talked in between hot noodle and ice teh tarik. On last July, article about us was published, titled Black Man Ray – In […]

Opening night of Dark Motion by Hubert Kilian

Opening Night of Dark Motion

Photographs by Edwin Salim. Text by Eric Setiawan. Yesterday opening night was a special one for several reasons. First, it’s our third exhibition and we’re still as excited as organizing our first. Second, we are just entering Ramadan month in Indonesia. It means our Moslem friends are fasting on daytime and this opening night was […]

Opening Night of PLACES © Utie Lw

Opening Night of PLACES

The opening night of Black Man Ray’s third exhibition by Dani Subagja. There were a lot of friendly conversation and laughter amidst the smoke. I can hardly followed every conversation. Everybody looks happy and I hope they enjoy the night; it’s one of the reason I run this place in the first place.

Opening Lost in Space by Guna Dwi

Opening Lost in Space by Guna Dwi & Sari Asih

Here are another view from the opening of our second exhibition. Enjoy! Panoramic photos: Widelux by Guna Dwi Black & white photos: Lomo LC-A by Sari Asih

Opening Night | LOST IN SPACE by Henrycus Napit Sunargo

Opening Night | Lost in Space

Thank you all for coming to the opening of our second exhibition by Henrycus Napit Sunargo. He also provided a new wooden panel so our gallery looks much better now.

Opening Day | Chapter One: For Japan

Opening Day | Chapter One: For Japan

Yesterday was the opening day of Black Man Ray and our first exhibition, Chapter One: For Japan. The opening party was held in the night filled with friends, food and drinks, cigarettes, lively conversations, and, of course, cameras. I think it’s an appopriate way to open Black Man Ray, to enjoy photographs with friends. Congratulations […]

Welcome to Black Man Ray

Welcome to Black Man Ray

Black Man Ray was born as an idea where we can enjoy photographs (in prints) and share thoughts and ideas with friends over some nice conversation and good coffee in a cozy place. I remember earlier this month when Budi asked me whether I’m interested in running this as a small exhibition space, I immediately […]