Black Man Ray T-shirt — Yamasaki Ko-ji & Henrycus

If you looked closely at the photos from our last event, you probably have noticed the appearance of Black Man Ray T-shirts. Yes, we are making some exclusive T-shirts — currently for limited distribution only for friends and participants of our events. But this T-shirt is even more limited — not even the co-founder of […]

Black Man Ray featured on eRenlai

During the preparation of our fourth exhibition, Hubert Kilian introduced us to eRenlai Magazine — an Asia-Pacific magazine on cultural, social, and spiritual concerns. Later they asked us to run an article about us. After we answer some of their questions, on August our article is up, titled Coffee and Photographs. Thank you very much, […]

Opening Night of Dark Motion

Photographs by Edwin Salim. Text by Eric Setiawan. Yesterday opening night was a special one for several reasons. First, it’s our third exhibition and we’re still as excited as organizing our first. Second, we are just entering Ramadan month in Indonesia. It means our Moslem friends are fasting on daytime and this opening night was […]