An Interview with Assiva Husman

I would love to know that one day my grandchild will look at a picture in the wall and said to everybody: “Hey that’s my grandpa who took that picture and he printed it himself.” That is priceless, dude.

© Hubert Kilian

An Interview with Hubert Kilian

What is the meaning of photography for you? “Everything. To halt the course of time and to show what only you can feel.”

© Teresa Shih

An Interview with Teresa Shih

What is the meaning of photography for you, especially as a mother? “Photo shooting makes me relax and also keeps me busy. […] And I enjoy very much the world of photography. […] So I also consider myself a full time photographer mom.”

Photograph © Dani Subagja

An Interview with Dani Subagja

I have been following Dani Subagja’s blog for a long time and enjoying his pictures from Hong Kong. He is indeed one of Indonesia’s talented photographers. Dicky Jiang contacted him and help me pass along these questionnaires. About Dani himself, to borrow the words from Dicky: “I came across Dani’s work while browsing around through […]

Stella Kalaw: Family Spaces

An Interview with Stella Kalaw

My recent photographic journey across the web has led me to Stella Kalaw. It leads me to her project “Family Spaces” which has become one of my inspiration ever since. She has been documenting her family spaces in care of small details of mundane things of her and her family’s life. And with consistency too, […]

Photograph © Karolus Naga

An Interview with Karolus Naga

When I first set my eyes on the works of Karolus Naga, I can’t take my eyes off of the rich black & white pictures. But that’s not all, it’s the content that really seduce you. He sees the world around him, the simple daily life, and turns it into a beautiful picture along with […]

Photograph © Dicky Jiang

An Interview with Dicky Jiang

I have known Dicky Jiang for a while now. We live in the same city and we share the same passion in photography. I like his pictures because he sees things differently than most of the other photographers in Bandung. He mostly take pictures of things that most of us overlooked or thought to be […]