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Tsunami... If I Had Wings by Junku Nishimura

Junku Nishimura: Tsunami… If I Had Wings

A photo-essay by Junku Nishimura At the very moment of the earthquake I was on the road in Shikoku. I could not sit still, and when I ate sanuki udon, the local specialty, it was out of taste. I am not a journalist and photographing disaster sites was not so much on my mind, but […]

Photograph © Yamasaki Ko-ji

Yamasaki Ko-ji: Colors

All photographs © Yamasaki Ko-ji Yamasaki Ko-ji is renowned for his black & white photographs but once in a while you may see his color photographs, cross-processed by himself, creating surreal and complex, yet beautiful and colorful imagination. Yamasaki Ko-ji is a photographer born in Kobe, Japan in October, 1959 renowned for his dark and […]

Opening Day | Chapter One: For Japan

Opening Day | Chapter One: For Japan

Yesterday was the opening day of Black Man Ray and our first exhibition, Chapter One: For Japan. The opening party was held in the night filled with friends, food and drinks, cigarettes, lively conversations, and, of course, cameras. I think it’s an appopriate way to open Black Man Ray, to enjoy photographs with friends. Congratulations […]

FOR JAPAN: A Solo Photography Exhibition by Yamasaki Ko-ji | Apr 5 - May 8, 2011

Chapter One: For Japan

Solo Exhibition by Yamasaki Ko-ji April 5 – May 8, 2011 Kedai Bahagia, Bandung At the end of January, I received a package from Osaka, Japan. It was only slightly bigger than an A4-size paper and less-than-an-inch thick. I was trembling with excitement because I knew what was inside — the prints from Yamasaki Ko-ji. […]

Photograph © Yamasaki Ko-ji

Yamasaki Ko-ji

Yamasaki Ko-ji is a photographer born in Kobe, Japan in October, 1959 renowned for his dark and grainy pictures documenting his daily life. His photoblogs have caught the world’s attention and received Photobloggies Awards on 2005 and 2006 for The Best Japanese Photoblog. He loves black & white, film, grain, and wandering on the street. […]

Welcome to Black Man Ray

Welcome to Black Man Ray

Black Man Ray was born as an idea where we can enjoy photographs (in prints) and share thoughts and ideas with friends over some nice conversation and good coffee in a cozy place. I remember earlier this month when Budi asked me whether I’m interested in running this as a small exhibition space, I immediately […]

Stella Kalaw: Wandering

Stella Kalaw: Wandering

“Wandering is a collection of photographs from my occasional observations of everyday life. It is a means for me to reconnect to what drew me to the medium in the first place.”

Muge Tang: Go Home

Muge Tang: Go Home

From (“Go Home“) © Muge Tang, 2006-2009 Go Home (2006-2009): “These photographs were taken in Chongqing, the biggest city along the Yantzi river in the Three Gorges area in China, where my home town is. I started this project from 2005 without any ambitious plan to document the great transition of the Three Gorges area […]

Photograph © Dani Subagja

An Interview with Dani Subagja

I have been following Dani Subagja’s blog for a long time and enjoying his pictures from Hong Kong. He is indeed one of Indonesia’s talented photographers. Dicky Jiang contacted him and help me pass along these questionnaires. About Dani himself, to borrow the words from Dicky: “I came across Dani’s work while browsing around through […]

Stella Kalaw: Family Spaces

An Interview with Stella Kalaw

My recent photographic journey across the web has led me to Stella Kalaw. It leads me to her project “Family Spaces” which has become one of my inspiration ever since. She has been documenting her family spaces in care of small details of mundane things of her and her family’s life. And with consistency too, […]

Muge Tang: Silence

Muge Tang: Silence

From (“Silence (2006-2008)”) © Muge Tang “This series of photographs were taken between 2006 and 2008. I don’t know how many personae a person may have, as I don’t know what the future of the life is. When I met those people, the only thing that I can relied on was the realities around me […]

Photograph © Karolus Naga

An Interview with Karolus Naga

When I first set my eyes on the works of Karolus Naga, I can’t take my eyes off of the rich black & white pictures. But that’s not all, it’s the content that really seduce you. He sees the world around him, the simple daily life, and turns it into a beautiful picture along with […]

Photograph © Dicky Jiang

An Interview with Dicky Jiang

I have known Dicky Jiang for a while now. We live in the same city and we share the same passion in photography. I like his pictures because he sees things differently than most of the other photographers in Bandung. He mostly take pictures of things that most of us overlooked or thought to be […]