Polluted Homeland © Mitsu Maeda

Mitsu Maeda: Polluted Homeland

A photo-essay by Mitsu Maeda. The crisis was ongoing in Fukushima. People were struggling against the invisible enemy. Farmers had to stop cultivation as the soil and the air had been polluted with the invisible. Children from 30km radius, if have not been evacuated to other cities like Fukushima city or Aizuwakamatsu, had to go […]

Tsunami... If I Had Wings by Junku Nishimura

Junku Nishimura: Tsunami… If I Had Wings

A photo-essay by Junku Nishimura At the very moment of the earthquake I was on the road in Shikoku. I could not sit still, and when I ate sanuki udon, the local specialty, it was out of taste. I am not a journalist and photographing disaster sites was not so much on my mind, but […]